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Promise Word – March, 2024


                                            Dearly beloved, my loving greetings to you you in the name of Jesus Christ! When floods appear, it brings fear and anxiety in our hearts. In every rainy season, when it rains heavily, we witness flats in our localities where rivers overflow, enter the towns and cause damage, […]


Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.


Know about us

Healing the Broken hearted by sharing the love and compassion of Christ

This ministry is ordained by the lord Jesus Christ to share the love & compassion of Jesus Christ to the whole world. It is founded by bishop john f. Aruldoss called by our lord through a vision during the year 1982. God has graciously bestowed him with mighty spiritual gifts as he loves the lord more than anything and swift to hear the voice of the lord and try to obey the heavenly visions. From a humble beginning, he is now ……..


Pr.Immanuel is an anointed young preacher empowered to minister a life changing message. Through his spirit-filled preaching he has invoked change in the lives of many .Many have had encountered power and received deliverance under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. From his very young age he has started doing ministry with his father Bishop. John F. Aruldoss. He is the pastor…..


Pr. Prince Daniel Aruldoss he is the second son of Bishop John F. Aruldoss who is the founder of Bethel Prophetic Ministries in karaikudi. As per accepting the Heavenly calling, he finished his degree in Madurai AG Bible College in 2006 and from that he is serving the Lord as a pastor in Jehovah Nissi Praise Jesus Church at an area named Burma colony in Karaikudi.
More than 200 souls ……….


Our Services

Sharing the love and compassion of Christ through our Ministerial Services

Youth Ministry
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Family Blessing Camp
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Prophetic Pastors Training
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Correspondence Course
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Build up your faith by reading these testimonies.

My name is Zipporah,I am from Bangalore.We are here in Bethel Prophetic Centre.When I was praying on the first day,The Lord showed me a lion.The appearance of the lion was terrifying and fearful.As I was looking, Bishop Aiya came and stood by my side, really he appeared as Lion to me, fear over took me.I thank Jesus Christ for giving me this vision.On the next day, I felt as if I was on an elevator and being lifted up.As I was standing, I could feel I was lifted way above high.Today morning as Aiya was praying for us, I saw an Eagle.As we were standing,the Eagle which sat upon the cross of the church, opened its wings and covered us.I thank Jesus for giving these visions.

My name is Vanitha. My home town is Ramanathapuram district, Tamil Nadu, India. I attended End time power conference held in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, on 9 to 11th of November at Bethel Prophetic Center. On second day, during the prayer time, I heard an voice, ”don’t be afraid” .At that time Bishop Iyyah called us, those who are willing to enter in spiritual realm, please come forward. I moved forward then Bishop Iyyah put his hands on my head and prayed. Immediately I fell on the ground like a dead,  I didn’t feel anything.I realised that I didn’t have my spirit in my body. I kept crying without realising it. The next day When I saw a vision, I heard a voice in my ear saying, “Put on the armour of God.” After that,  Bishop Iyyah said in his message that, “the Lord is calling us to fight with the evil spirits in the sky.” I had a vision of warring in the sky with witchcraft spirits. I felt that I was in heaven for three days. I am very grateful to the Lord who gave me this spiritual experience.

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