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CALL TO CONQUER THE FEAR Dearly Beloved, my loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Do you have fear about  any certain destructive evils such as childless, jobless, physical and mental sickness, family problems,  business losses etc. Today God’s voice to you is “Do not be afraid, Abraham. I am your shield, […]

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Surely the Lord God does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.


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Healing the Broken hearted by sharing the love and compassion of Christ

This ministry is ordained by the lord Jesus Christ to share the love & compassion of Jesus Christ to the whole world. It is founded by bishop john f. Aruldoss called by our lord through a vision during the year 1982. God has graciously bestowed him with mighty spiritual gifts as he loves the lord more than anything and swift to hear the voice of the lord and try to obey the heavenly visions. From a humble beginning, he is now ……..


Pr.Immanuel is an anointed young preacher empowered to minister a life changing message. Through his spirit-filled preaching he has invoked change in the lives of many .Many have had encountered power and received deliverance under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. From his very young age he has started doing ministry with his father Bishop. John F. Aruldoss. He is the pastor…..


Pr. Prince Daniel Aruldoss he is the second son of Bishop John F. Aruldoss who is the founder of Bethel Prophetic Ministries in karaikudi. As per accepting the Heavenly calling, he finished his degree in Madurai AG Bible College in 2006 and from that he is serving the Lord as a pastor in Jehovah Nissi Praise Jesus Church at an area named Burma colony in Karaikudi.
More than 200 souls ……….


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Build up your faith by reading these testimonies.

Sr. Ishitha

Praise the Lord, I’m Iishitha from Mysore.  I had suffered from Blood Cancer.  When I was 9 years Old. Doctor gave me only six months of life span.  But day by day my condition became worst.  Then I have undergone five operations and take of 60 bottles of blood.  Even though I am not able to walk and not able to talk with any one, because I had severe pain in my body.  We were from Roman Catholic Background.  We were not ready to come out of the Roman Catholic.  We were strong in the Roman Catholic we were strong in the Rosary.  One day pastor came to our Church and he preached the gospel.  Then immediately we came to know the truth and accepted Jesus as my savior.  Then but I did not know anything about the God’s love.  Whenever I pray Jesus used to hold my hand & talk with me.  One day he healed me. On 2013 June 6th we went to the blood test and Doctor told to check my complete blood test, and it was completely normal in the name of Jesus.  Then again Doctor doubted on my reports, then again we checked into five different kinds of Diagnostics Center.  All the five reports were normal then Doctors were shocked that it is not possible.  I was completely healed.  Till now by the grace of Lord Jesus I am alive this is the 7th Year.  Thank You and Praise the Lord.

My husband was very sick. One day I saw the advertisement about the Healing service at Praise Jesus Church in Angel TV. So we decided to go and participated in that prayer with vow and gave four gold coins and a gold bangle for the building fund of Bethel Prophetic Ministries. At that day itself the Lord gave healing for my husband. From that day onwards there is no medical expenses for us. Glory be to God.

Since 15 years I had a severe white discharge. It will be for 15 days in a month. I lived with great agony. I undergone treatment but nothing happened. On 2017 January, I participated in the Healing service. At that day itself, the Lord gave me healing. Now I am living happily without any problem. Thanks to the Lord who gave me healing.