Is to learn do every single thing that you do with and for god?  Rise your kids for God ? Let your marriage glorify God? Let your attitude glorify God. Let God into everything that you do. God believes in you. He has got hope for you. He has got your future plan for you. And no matter how many times you messed up, God is willing to give you another chance and another chance and another chance if you will just be serious about your relationship with him.

And yet when god speaks to you when he puts something in your heart, when something in the word comes alive to you. If you will listen to your spirit and a not your head, you see things and you can believe for things that just absolutely don’t even make any sense. If you do something, you believe God’s asking you to do and it doesn’t seem to work for a while. Don’t give up.       Just keep believing if you hear from god that god will bring it’s too fast and make it happen. He will either redirect you or you just need to wait on him. You know, if you are not believing for the impossible, then you are not open for a miracle in your life. But I will tell you one thing, if you believe that god put something in your heart and it says, and it is not going away and it is not going away. You take one step and you see what happens , if that seems to work, you take another step and you see what happens, and if that seems to work, then you take another step and pretty soon those shares that were baby steps are starting to get bigger and bigger and bigger and before you know it, you know what’s happen. You are be running with God full speed , things that you can’t even imagine. We all have things that we are believing for a dream to come to pass our health to turn around to meet the right person. We have been praying for a long time, standing on the promises. We don’t see anything happening, but what you can’t see is behind the scenes god is at work. He not only heard you when you prayed he took it one step further and put the miracle into motion.

The Psalmist (David) said the moment, you pray, the tide of the battle begins to turn and just because you don’t see anything happening, does not mean the answer is not on the way. And the people that ,he promises fulfilled, the people that see breakthroughs or the people that keep, believing, keep standing in faith. In “ 1 John 5:14, it is says this is a confidence we have in God if we ask anything according to his will, we know that he hears us.” Thoughts I will tell you, it is not making a difference to pray, you are wasting your time getting, your hopes up. Believing that you will get well, you saw the medical report. You will never break the addiction. You have had it is so long, don’t believe those thoughts, the moment you prayed, the creator of the universe goes to work. It may not happen on your time table or the way you thought but he is a faithful God. What he promised, you he will bring to pass. David said, each morning,” I bring my request before God and wait. Expectantly, he did not just pray and say ok, I did my fast he prayed and then waited with expectation. he went through the day looking for god’s goodness. Believing for favour talking like it was going to happen not I will never defeat this giant. Look how big he is, it is twice my size. I don’t have a chance. David had a report of victory. He looked at Goliath, and said this day I will defeat you and feed your head to the birds of the air. He expected god’s favour. He said surely , Mercy follows me everywhere that I go. he was saying in effect, I know the forces that are for me or greater than the forces that are against me. What am I saying, it is not enough to just pray. You have to follow it up with expectancy, with the knowing that God not only hear you. Because you prayed according to his will but that he dispatched the angel with the answer. What God brings you, it may not be exactly what you thought the way you thought but I can tell you firsthand, what God has instore will be bigger better more rewarding than you ever imagined. Don’t put God in a box. You may not see how it can happen. The medical report is not good. You don’t have the finances the connections. God has ways to do you it that you have never thought of David used slingshot to defeat Goliath. He didn’t have the training the experience the equipment. But a slingshot with the favour of God is more powerful than your whole army without it. God knows what you need and he knows how to get it to you. you don’t have to figure out how God’s going to do it. The scripture says Lean not to your own understanding. If you try to figure it out , you are going to get confused. It is increasing but I don’t believe it is going to happen for me. I don’t believe that. Just because you said something anything is going to change then this is not for you. This is for believers. This is for people that know, god is in control, that he set the miracle into motion, that the angels on the way, you are going to see your healing, your promotion, breakthrough, you are victory. God is going to open doors, no man can search and take you to the fullness of your destiny. Amen