( Luke 23: 42)

  • That was the request of a dying man, a thief who was hanged with Jesus during the crufixion. He asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus come into His kingdom. Jesus immediately answered, ” Today, you will be with me in Paradise.” I would like to touch on some points here:

1. The love of God is full of mercy. This poor man did not deserve to go to heaven. All his life, he was against what was good. He robbed or steal. If he is facing a world court today, he will not go unpunished. There will be alot of rules or obstacles in his way to be free. God’s mercies endures forever.

2. The love of God is ever forgiving. When we are merciful, we will surely forgive. This does not separate. They go hand in hand. A forgiving person wants to help the person by freeing him from guilt and shame. Once a person find forgiveness, he finds peace. If God does not forgive, we will never enter His rest.

3. The love of God is full of Lovingkindness. Loving and kind does not separate too. If we love a person, sure, we will give the person what he needs. That poor thief need salvation, so Jesus gave it to him and that allowed him into paradise.

  • The phrase ” Lord remember me,” is not found in this verse only. There are also used by David and some prophets too. Its a powerful request that will unlock God’s attention to the person who asks.
  • What happened on the cross tells us many things too. If golden deeds are a condition to get our salvation, the poor man would not be permitted. If lofty prayers is a must to enter, this man would not be able to enter. If spiritual gifts are the condition, this person had none, and would not be able to be saved too.
  • God’s love is greater far. God’s love is greater far.