Dearly beloved, my loving greetings to you you in the name of Jesus Christ! When floods appear, it brings fear and anxiety in our hearts. In every rainy season, when it rains heavily, we witness flats in our localities where rivers overflow, enter the towns and cause damage, isn’t it? When there is a lot of flood,we happen to experience this fear and anxiety, right? It says that Satan, the enemy will come like a flood. Just as how flood comes rising up, the devil also rises up to destroy us. When the flood rises up, that’s the end of it. We cannot escape and think that everything is over, isn’t it? It says that the enemy rises against us like a flood. When he rises up like that, what does God do? In Isaiah 59:19, “when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the lord will lift up a stand against him.” See, when Satan rises up against as like a flood to destroy us the holy spirit will immediately lift up a banner and immediately at the sight of it, the flood will recede; the power of Satan will recede. Because, the banner of God is the banner of victory, a banner of triumph: He ripped the power of Satan on the cross, trampled his head under his feet and Rose again, isn’t it? When he lifts up the victory banner, the devil will be crushed and will be gone. So ,why are you afraid? The enemy comes like a flood against your business are your family or your job. Arya afraid of him and thinking:” Alas, this is it,It’s over!” Arya thinking so? The holy spirit will immediately lift up a banner. Just say without fear:” even if satan rises up like a flood, the holy spirit will lift up a banner for me, for our family! Nothing can affect us”. Just say it boldly and the enemy who comes like a flood will recede go back, ok?


“father, you are the God who will lift up your banner for us. Lord Jesus is the one who suffered, died on the cross of Calvary,  Rose again with the victory banner. When the wicked devil rises up as a flood against me, our family or our business, thank you holy spirit for lifting up the banner. Thank you for giving as victory. Thank you, thank you God for the acts of Satan are crushed and destroyed. In the name of Jesus, Amen.