Sr.Santhana Mary, Pudukottai

Since 15 years I had a severe white discharge. It will be for 15 days in a month. I lived with great agony. I undergone treatment but nothing happened. On 2017 January, I participated in the Healing service. At that day itself, the Lord gave me healing. Now I am living happily without any problem. Thanks to the Lord who gave me healing.

Bro. Muthuraj& Sr. Joy, Madurai

My husband was very sick. One day I saw the advertisement about the Healing service at Praise Jesus Church in Angel TV. So we decided to go and participated in that prayer with vow and gave four gold coins and a gold bangle for the building fund of Bethel Prophetic Ministries. At that day itself the Lord gave healing for my husband. From that day onwards there is no medical expenses for us. Glory be to God.


Sr. Ishitha

Praise the Lord, I’m Iishitha from Mysore.  I had suffered from Blood Cancer.  When I was 9 years Old. Doctor gave me only six months of life span.  But day by day my condition became worst.  Then I have undergone five operations and take of 60 bottles of blood.  Even thou I am not able to walk and not able to talk with any one, because I had siviour pain in my body.  We were from Roman Catholic Background.  We were not ready to come out of the Roman Catholic.  We were strong in the Roman Catholic we were strong in the Rosary.  One day pastor came to our Church and he preached the gospel.  Then immediately we came to know the truth and accepted Jesus as my savior.  Then but I did not know anything about the God’s love.  Whenever I pray Jesus used to hold my hand & talk with me.  One day he healed me.

          On 2013 June 6th we went to the blood test and Doctor told to check my complete blood test, and it was completely normal in the name of Jesus.  Then again Doctor doubted on my reports, then again we checked into five different kinds of Diagnostics Center.  All the five reports were normal then Doctors were shocked that it is not possible.  I was completely healed.  Till now by the grace of Lord Jesus I am alive this is the 7th Year.  Thank You and Praise the Lord.

Dr. Prabu Deepak Kumar

        I am a Medical Doctor, Practicing in America.  My Wife name is Aglin Jenita she is also Medical Doctor, Practicing in America.  The Lord has blessed our family with three childrens.

        My father was from a Christian Background and my mother was from a Hindu Background. When I was 1½ Years, I fell down and my tongue was cut off.  My mother was shocked and she took me to be nearby Hospital and they stitched my tongue.  They told my mother that, if this did not fix within a certain period of time. The tongue cannot be rejoined and He can’t speak after that.  The part of the tongue which was hanged lost its blood supply.  After six weeks doctor said that, I can’t speak here after.  At the time, there was a Christian family as a neighbor and they said to my Parents to write a letter to a man of God, and they wrote the letter about my condition, after two weeks they received a letter. So my Father saw the letter and he lifted me up and he was carrying then started praying, instantly my tongue changes its color white to pinkish. After looking this miracle, my mother who was a Hindu, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ has a Lord and Savior.  After that, my Mother’s sisters also accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. 

        When I was in my school and college days I was not able to read faster compare to other students. But the Lord was merciful.  I had received supernatural power before 10 days to the exam.  I secured great marks in 10th and 12th in Tamilnadu.  Lord gave me 27th Rank in the whole State among the Medical Student during the counseling time.  I was sitting among the top hundred Medical Students in the same hall.  After my medical school when I was applied to go abroad for higher education, I failed in IELTS Exam which is one of the exams to enter in United Kingdom.  After that I wanted to go to USA for higher education.  I went for the Visa interview to the USA consulate in Chennai, my Visa was rejected four times and fifth times received the Visa.  That Visa was for me to go to the USA and to write Medical Exams.  I mentioned here that I have failed in Board Exam and during my 1st year medical college, because of misconduct; I had to do additional six months.  But the Lord was merciful and graces.  The Lord made me ride on the high hills of the Earth.  The Lord gave me best institution in America to get trained.  The Lord makes me study in Myo clinic in America.  Lord helps me and gets training in traumatology field.  The Lord made me the director of the Super specialty clinic in Minnesota.  The Lord lifted me and he made me sit among great People in America.  The Lord helps me to complete MBBS and then helps me complete additional training in Internal Medicine and gave me additional training in traumatology and also the lord gave me more.  The Lord helps me specialize in a field called Vasculature.  Thank you.

Kavya Sri

I am Kavya Sri.  I am from Bangalore. Bishop John F. Aruldoss came for the Jesus Calls meeting which conducted at Bangalore on 11.03.2017.  I am not supposed to attend the meeting.  But by compulsory of my mother, I came for the meeting.  Already I have seen Bishop in Angel TV Programs.  I was very eager to see him in person, so I went to that meeting.  Unfortunately, I am unable to see Bishop nearby, but I saw him only in the TV.  Because of big crowd.  I was listening to the speech standing in the corner.  Prayer was conducted from 12.30 to 2 pm.  I came to the meeting without any expectation, but to see Bishop in person.  I closed my eyes and prayed during the prayer time.  Bishop Ayya Prayed, for all the Tumors to be vanished in the neck.  At that time I felt the heat all over my body and also I felt a big tumor in neck was burnt to small, In this month on 22nd, Doctors told me to undergo a surgery to remove this tumor.  I was very scared.  I did not expect this miracle would happen for me.  Immediately I testified this, for the glory of the Lord in the meeting.  Praise to God.

Bro. Sasikumar

I had headache for 1 hour. During prayer time, I prayed that God must heal headache from me. Miraculously my headache went off from me. And now I am well and there is no pain for me. Thanks to the Lord.

Sr. Stella

I had leg pain for four years. I can’t able to walk, sit and I can’t able to kneel down. Fully I have in bed and fully want to helper. During prayer time, I prayed that God must heal the leg pains from me. Miraculously my leg pains went off from me. And now I am walking well and there is no pain for me. Thanks to the Lord.