Raising the Sons of Prophets

We are conducting prophetic training in major cities as the lord has ordained me as the ‘prophet of churches’ and i have great burden for the churches to prepare the bride for the second coming of the lord.

Usually, we will arrange the conference in a marriage hall or private hall and invite all the pastors and believers in and around the cities and preach them the doctrines of apostles, the stewardship , watchfulness and the unique gifts of holy spirit in order to strengthen the churches and after the preaching is over, we pray with holy oil for each and every pastors and the lord will graciously fill them with prophetic anointing instantly.

Spiritual coverage of pastors

In these last days, even pastors from various denominations and independent churches also suffer to handle the problems like spiritual warfare, slow growth, divisions in the churches , false doctrines and so on. Pastors from various denominations register their name with bethel prophetic ministries and once in 3 months we gather together and strengthen them with prophetic counsels.